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Dan Jones - Raising awareness of what it is like to live with autism spectrum disorder - the pro's and con's

"I am autistic. I was lucky growing up: I discovered meditation and hypnosis, both of these taught me how to engage with others and how to manage the overwhelming amount of information coming into my senses. My aim is to share my experiences with others and help others find their path in life, and spread awareness about what it is like to have Asperger's syndrome and what others can do to help those with Asperger's. It is a condition that is often invisible which in my case prior to diagnosis led to judgements and discrimination."

This website shares my experiences (you can read Look Into My Eyes extracts, and other posts on my autism blog page here). All of the books I have written are listed towards the bottom of this page, there is also a dedicated page if you are looking for an autism expert for media hire, a page sharing about what causes autism, about my experiences around flexibility of thought difficulties, around interests and routines from the perspective of someone with autism, around language and communication difficulties faced by those with autism, and around social and emotional difficulties faced by myself and others with autism. All of this is from my perspective as someone with autism, and as an expert who has over 15 years experience working with those with autism spectrum disorder and their parents/carers, and other involved professionals.

Learn more about my personal & professional experiences of autism in my book 'Look Into My Eyes: Asperger's, Hypnosis, and Me'

which has reached number one in 'Autism Spectrum Disorders', 'Psychology Biographies', 'Living With Disabilities Biographies', and 'Developmental Psychology'

The second edition of 'Look Into My Eyes' contains a chapter by my wife about her experiences living with someone with Asperger's, I have also written a book 'Asperger's Syndrome: Tips & Strategies' covering tips for parents/carers, teachers, friends, employers, and those with autism, and 'An Autistic Perspective: Death, Dying & Loss' which shares what the experiences of death, dying and loss is like for someone with autism, differences compared to how others experience these areas, and what you can do to help those on the spectrum cope with these areas and what you can learn from the way autistic people experience death, dying and loss.

Playlist: Selection of Videos About My Personal & Professional Experiences and Knowledge of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Abbie Jones from Blogger

Abbie Chic Blog

My wife, Abbie has written a chapter for my book Look Into My Eyes about what it is like to be in a relationship with someone with Asperger's. She also has a blog where she shares her interests, products she likes - mainly books, make-up & clothes she likes, and posts about days out and things we get up to, as well as anything else she feel would be interesting or helpful to blog about.

Follow Abbie on Twitter: @AbbieChic

Find her blog:

Look Into My Eyes Asperger's book number 1 best seller on Amazon by Dan Jones
Look Into My Eyes Asperger's book by Dan Jones Amazon bestseller
Look Into My Eyes Asperger's book by Dan Jones customer reviews

Dan Jones is a #1 best-selling self-published author, he has had over 100,000 books sold, over 2.65 million YouTube video views, and his self-hypnosis and self-help mp3's have been downloaded over 500,000 times. He has created many online hypnosis, hypnotherapy and parenting training courses and has an extensive background working in child and family support.

Dan's main focus nowadays is on sharing his experiences of being autistic to help educate people about what life is like for autistic individuals, and how autism spectrum disorder is often a 'hidden condition' especially for those without a diagnosis, how helpful diagnosis can be for those autistic individuals, and what skills those with autism need to learn to improve their social skills. I also share knowledge from my 20+years working as a professional with autistic individuals, their families, employers and involved professionals.

Dan is available for holding talks, workshops, seminars, youtube collaborations and media requests. More information can be found on the media/hiring page. Contact Dan Here, and visit Dan Jones Hypnosis and Therapy website here

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